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    Mr A

    I emailed Sanofi asking if they could confirm if Fresenius-Kabi (see this thread) were associated with them and they sent me this PDF reply. It repeats much of the same information as their original announcement but it also names the supplier of the active ingredient as Fine Chemicals of South Africa and says there are no other manufacturers of the active ingredient worldwide, but states they have nothing to do with Fresenius-Kabi.

    I will try following up by phone tomorrow to see if I can glean any more information from them.

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    Mr A

    I spoke to Sanofi and they admitted they couldn’t categorically confirm that their source in South Africa really is the only manufacturer in the entire world. So, it seems quite possible there could be other sources for a generic version of Modecate and I have recently discovered one possibility in Germany (see this thread) and haven’t entirely given up on a possibility in the USA yet either (see this thread).

    However, at the moment my mum remains in hospital but is showing some signs of improvement, so the current plan is to keep her on the olanzapine (she’s been on it 5 months or more already) and see if she keeps improving, albeit slowly. However, if we reach a point when we decide we need to try something else instead then a generic version of Modecate must still be a serious alternative I think, but will need to discuss some more with her consultant of course.

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