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    Mr A

    This is what my mum is taking now, does anyone else have experience of this after Modecate?

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    Bernadette Fee

    My sister aged 65 had been on Modecate injection for 48 years and this was discontinued as we know in 2018 in NI. The Doctor in the local Mental Health Service commenced my sister on Aripiprazole oral tablets 10 mg daily in October 2018. A nightmare from start to finish, culminating in the admission of my beloved sister to hospital on Christmas Eve 2018 with acute psychosis, where she stayed for 3 weeks. Whilst in hospital, the consultant started her on Olanzapine 20 mg daily, which he reduced – under hospital supervision – to 17.5 mg daily and this is her current dosage today. Although it is early days, this tablet has restored my sister’s equilibrium – she is not the same person she was whilst on Modecate;however, I am so thankful to see that the terrible mental torment she suffered on the discontinuation of Modecate is eliminated at present. It is breaking my heart to read in this forum of the terrible suffering of other patients, who were also long-term recipients of Modecate. In my sister’s experience, it appears the doctor in Community Mental Health has an attitude of ‘one size fits all’ and prescribed all her patients in this predicament with Aripiprazole as a replacement medication – a medication I am told is more suitable to ‘First Presentation’ patients, not as my sister is, a patient who had been in receipt of Modecate 25 ml/mg administered every 2 weeks for the last 48 years.

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    Mr A

    Hi Bernadette, sorry to hear yet another similar story. If you are in Northern Ireland then you may want to look at the option of importing a German generic version, which is what we’re planning to do for my mum now. You can find more details in this thread. Best of luck!

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