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    Mr A

    The official reason Modecate is being discontinued is “due to unpredictability of supply of fluphenazine decanoate from third party manufacturer in South Africa. Production will cease mid-2018 and the product is expected to remain available in UK up until end of 2018 (based on current usage).”

    The source for this is the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, the owners of the Modecate brand. I can’t find anything about it on their website, but you can find it in this announcement.

    I spoke to Sanofi on the phone a while ago and they just told me the same thing and indicated that nobody else would be making it any more as everyone has to get the active ingredient from the same supplier. This is contradcited by the fact that Fresenius-Kabi still seem to be making it in the USA though, see this forum.

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    Mr A

    Having read news articles in Spain and Canada from 2016 naming Bristols-Myer Squibb as the manufacturers of Modecate I’m coming to the conclusion that they must own the Modecate brand and that they only partner with Sanofi in the UK to sell it.

    A quick Google search on their website turned up a notice that says “the sale and distribution of MODECATEĀ® Concentrate (fluphenazine decanoate) 100 mg/mL Injection will be globally discontinued”, read it here in full.

    This isn’t the news I wanted to hear, if they really are the only original manufacturer of it then that sounds like it’s complete global discontinuation is fairly certain.

    Fresenius-Kabi appear to be making it without the name “Modecate” though, so this could be a generic “copy” of Modecate, I’m going to try contacting them again when I have time and see if they have a separate source for the active ingredient or if they will be discontinuing it for the same reason too.

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    Mr A

    Just spoke to Fresenius-Kabi, see this post for more.

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    There were other trade names for what I beleive to ne the same drug

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    Mr A

    Hi JG

    Please feel free to share any that you’ve found and we can compare notes.


    Mr A

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