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    Mr A

    Through a Dutch cousin I have now found a manufacturer in Germany, they are called Neuraxpharm and they are also making a generic version called Fluphenazin-neuraxpharm D 25 in German. My lack of German means it’s a little hard to communicate with them but it sounds like they are making it themselves, which would mean it is potentially a more reliable source. I’m still trying to confirm this though.

    Germany is a lot closer than the USA of course and falls under the same EU drug regulation as the UK (let’s not mention Brexit) and so I’m hoping it might be easier to import from there.

    Neuraxpharm in Germany have suggested I ask a UK pharmacy to import it, but I have no idea if that is possible. I will be speaking to some, but if anyone here has any ideas please let me know.

    More updates on this new lead as soon as I have them…

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    Mr A

    I have now confirmed that Clinigen/Idis can import this German medicine to the UK if requested by a clinician. The price if done privately is likely to be around £50-£100 per 25mg dose, depending on dispensing fees, etc. However, with a bit of encouragement our local NHS trust has agreed to get it imported and pay for it themselves. In our case the deputy chief pharmacist at the trust approved it, but I understand Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) may be able to help too.

    Given all this we started my mum back on the original Modecate at 12.5mg doses a couple of months ago and when the last remaining stock expires in November we will switch to the imported German version. She has been phased off Olanzapine completely now and is only on the 3 weekly Modecate depots. She hasn’t really got any better or any worse so far and is relatively stable, but still far from how she was before her relapse. Her consultant has just increased the Modecate dose to 18.75mg and we probably need to wait a couple more months before we can see if it is working.

    Begs the question of why didn’t the NHS find this alternative German version in the first place of course. I’m just trying not to think about that for now though and just hoping my mum will get better…

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