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    Mrs R

    Hello, I am in New Zealand trying hard to source Modecate from overseas. Our research shows several makers in India have generic fluphenazine decanoate but we are unable to get a pharmacy or a maker to ship outside India. An example of a maker is Sun Pharma. Does anyone know how to get this generic shipped from India?

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    Mr A

    Hi Mrs R, a private psychiatrist in the UK told me that, in principal, he could write a prescription for my mum, which we could then send to a psychiatrist in the US and he/she would hopefully be prepared to write a “local” prescription for the medicine there. Then we would need a way to physically get it to the UK, which could involve flying there personally or somehow getting in couriered. I don’t know if this would work the same way between NZ and India though, and obviously it involves finding some good contacts to help.

    The same psychiatrist also suggested the quality of the medicine is likely to be better if it is from the USA than other countries that are well-known for cheap generic medicines, such as India and Mexico, so this is perhaps worth bearing in mind.

    The good thing about Modecate (fluphenazine decanoate) is it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so that should make transport easier, plus I don’t think it can be abused in anyway, so hopefully the local authorities wouldn’t have a problem with it being imported if you have a prescription, but I’m not 100% sure about that, and, if I find a source overseas, it is something that we will need to check carefully.

    Have you been able to find out where the Indian pharmas source the active ingredient from for their products? Are they making it themselves and can guarantee future supplies?

    Warm regards, Mr A

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