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    Mr A

    I’ve only dones some very quick research into this so far, but in the US Modecate (fluphenazine decanoate) appears to be manufactured by various companies. I spoke briefly to one of them, Fresenius-Kabi (previously APP Pharma) and they didn’t seem to think they’d be discontinuing it any time soon but couldn’t confirm if the active ingredient comes from a different supplier to Modecate in the UK (the UK owner of Modecate, Sanofi, says they are discontinuing it because they don’t have a reliable source of the active ingredient from their supplier in South Africa any more, see this notice).

    You can find it on page 27 of Fresenius-Kabi’s full catalogue here.

    If anyone knows anything about this potential alternative source feel free to share info here…

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    Mr A

    Just had a very frustrating phone conversation with someone in Fresenius-Kabi’s medical information team in the USA. They said they do not expect to discontinue their version of fluphenazine decanoate but they could not tell me if the active ingredient comes from the same source as Modecate, or even if it comes from the same country (South Africa) as it is “proprietary information”.

    If they do use the same source then presumably there’s a high chance of them discontinuing it too, even if they say there are no plans to do so.

    My next step is to try contacting a US psychiatrist to see what they know…

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    Something seems a miss here, I can’t beleive there is only one supplier worldwide…

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    Mr A

    Yes, it does seem unlikely. The last thing I want to do is go to all the effort of finding another supplier and setting up a way to import it, only for them to discontinue it as well. I will try calling Sanofi and Bristol-Myers Squibb on Monday to see if I can get any more information about their supplier in South Africa so I can make sure any other supply comes from a different source. I’m not too optimistic though, pharmas seem to be very secretive about these things…

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    Mr A

    Just found a reply to a previous enquiry I’d made to Sanofi and they’ve named their supplier now, see this thread.

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    Mr A

    I’ve come to a bit of a dead end with this, I’ve called the Sanofi supplier in South Arica a couple of times but have not managed to speak to anyone that can help. I will try again but in the meantime I’ve also found a potentially better source that I’m investigating in Germany, see this thread.

    At the moment my mum remains in hospital but is showing some signs of improvement, so the current plan is to keep her on the olanzapine (she’s been on it 5 months or more already) and see if she keeps improving, albeit slowly. However, if we reach a point when we decide we need to try something else instead then a generic version of Modecate must still be a serious alternative I think, but will need to discuss some more with her consultant of course.

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