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    Mr A

    My mum’s consultant is toying with the idea of changing her to clozapine now. It can have some very nasty side effects though and so we’re not convinced it’s a good idea. Anyone else have experience of this?

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    My sister is now OK on Clopixal which I think is the same drug. However OK IS NOT

    She has much more severe symptoms which are very s
    Distressing. But at least she has been able to come home.

    She doesn’t have physical side effects so far

    How is your Mum now.

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    Mr A

    Hi Norma, I missed your reply, sorry! Glad to hear your sister is tolerating the clozapine, I hope she’s had more improvements since you wrote.

    My mum has been back on Modecate for almost 6 months now and they have increased the dose and now the frequency too. She is at home and more or less stable, but still has the same psychotic symptoms and is nowhere near as well as she was before. Of course, we’d hoped that getting her back on it would “solve” the problem, but that may have been wishful thinking. We haven’t given up on it yet though, apparently it can sometimes a very long time to reach the right balance/dose with these medicines and her psychiatrist wants to give it a little longer still. If it still doesn’t work then Plan B is to switch her to yet another anti-psychotic instead.

    I’ll try to post an update on here when I have more news…

    Best wishes, Mr A

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